Frontiers of Red Oak

Against the Pirates

After dispatching the slavers in Solanport, the party decided to return to the mansion on the cliff and deal with any returning pirates. On the way they encountered a lone Inquistor of Gertierron. Octavian asked her to join the party on their quest. Hearing that in the past undead were found at the mansion she agreed to go along. While enroute they observed what initially appeared to by a meteor shower. Three meteors crashed practically on top of the party. Cialis and Milliken approached one of the craters and found a large bluish black rock inside. Once it cooled Cialis approached closer and touched the meteor. Just after he touched it, the stone cracked open with a lot bang. Out of it came another of the large blue tentacled lions. While Milliken engaged the first Akata, Octavian kept watch on the other two craters from the back of Decimus. While the party engage the first Akata Octavian skewed the other two on his lance. The next day they arrived at the Mansion on the cliff. Cialis had the thought that there might be a trail or path leading down to the beach and the smuggler’s cavern. A search by him and Octavian unfortunately turned up no such trail. The party went back through the house to the smuggler’s cavern. Nothing appeared to have disturbed the cave. After opening the signal lanterns the party settled down to wait for the return of the smuggler’s ship. Two days later they got lucky and the smugglers arrived. The sorcerer and Milliken went out and greeted them and perpetuate the scam that they were smugglers. It started out well. They even managed to get a couple of the pirates to help move the contraband into the cavern where Ocatavian and the Inquisitor were waiting in ambush. The Sorcerer and Milliken engaged the group still on board the ship. The two helping to stow goods in the cave put down their burdens and drew their rapiers. The sorcerer drop 2 sailors with a color spray. Milliken boards the ship and engages another of the pirates. Cialis attempted to mislead the pirates and claimed to be on their side. Cialis moved toward the ship pretending to go to the sailors aid. Octavian came out and engage the two pirates on the beach. One fell quickly to his sword and the other surrendered rather than die on his blade. Meanwhile the pirate captain moved to engage the gnome and Cialis. The Gnome tried to color spray him but the spell failed to down the pirate. Cialis channeled energy to heal his party. The gnome retreated to the ship to aid Milliken. The captain followed. The Inquisitor rained arrows down on the ship. Unfortuanately Milliken and the sorcerer were not being particularly successful against the pirates on the ship. Luckily the Inquisitor’s rain of arrows was effectively and dropped the pirate captain. With the captain down the gnome’s last color spray dropped some more pirates. With a few more quick exchanges of arrows and flurry of blows they manage to drop the remaining pirates. With the pirate crew subdued the party confiscated the stolen goods and prepared to let the surviving pirates go with a message for anyone else in their organization that this port is closed for business. Will this plan keep the smugglers out of the cavern or will they just come back in greater force? Will the owner be able to renovate his house? What will smugglers do in retaliation or will they move on to easier ports.



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