Frontiers of Red Oak

Arrival at the Montari Wasteland

After their sea voyage the party arrives in one of the many small coastal town on the edge of the Montari Wastelands. The party finds itself some accomodations and begins making arrangements to head out into the desert. The gnome buys hot weather clothing. Twig hires a local guide named Abdul who claims he knows of the landmarks leading to the DeepEarth entrance. They eventually decide to buy a pair of camels to use as pack and riding animals to cross the desert. The gnome arranges to leave his pony in the care of the innkeeper. Octavian decides to take Decimus with him. The desert is a hot climate and soon it becomes apparent the party cannot survive long. Cialis and Twig exhaust their spells to make the party comfortable on their trek. Out in the hot desert the party is soon attacked by a pair of large desert scorpions. The camel the gnome is riding bolts in fear from the arachnids. He tries calming the animal but eventually fall back on his trusty Color Spray and knocks the camel unconscious. Meanwhile the rest of the party deals with the scorpions. Charging at the scorpions Octavian inflicts major pain to the beasts. But Cialis, Twig and Milliken contribute as well and the scorpions are laid low. The gnome is quickly recovered and the party continues on. That night they are ambushed by some gnolls and their hyena. 5 gnolls and a hyena are no match for the combined might of the party and are quickly dealt with. Will the party be able to continue on through the desert heat? What will they find when they get to the entrance to the DeepEarth? Will they return in time to collect the gnome’s pony? What will they do with the camel when they reach their destination? Will they be able to find it?



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