Frontiers of Red Oak

Back to Solanport

The party left Gryphondale and headed to Solanport in hopes of having some of the documents found on the brigands translated and have their treasures identified. At the church of Gertierron, Octavian made a large donation and got promise to translate the documents the next day. Unfortunately attempts by the priests to identify the items failed. The sorcerer took the items to the local mage’s guild and connived to trick an apprentice into identifying the items. The first apprentice was unable to do it so he continued looking until he found another who could. The next day the documents were translated. It turned out the items were written in Illithid. It also mentioned Rexlor meeting his illithid masters at a DeepEarth city called Deshergon. Needing more information the monk pursued hiring a sage. Unable to pay for the information he agreed to take on an investigation for him. It seems that his great grandfather had built a family estate outside of Solanport. Recently he hired workmen to rehab the house. The workmen departed for the house several days ago but attempts to contact them since have failed. What is going on at the Sage’s house? Will the Sage be able to uncover useful information about goings on in Deshergon?



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