Frontiers of Red Oak

Departure across the sea.

Having defeated the pirates the party returned to Solanport to claim their rewards. After meeting with the sage and informing him of what went on in the caves beneath his family’s coastal estate the party negotiated for a suit of plate mail for the cavalier in exchange for the previous agreed upon reward. They also learned the results of the research they had originally commissioned the sage to do. Apparently the Illithid had sent his minions up from the DeepEarth via the city of Deshergon. Having located an entrance to the DeepEarth and directions to Deshergon the party proceeded to book passage for themselves and their horse for the Montari Desert Wastelands. On the way to the docks before departing the party heard the screams of a man. Following the sounds of the screaming the party came upon a local man being dragged into a sewer opening. Diving in the party soon encountered a large tentacled worm-like creature they eventually identified as a grick. They quickly dispatched the beast and rescued the man. Even with the slight detour into the sewers the party managed to make it to their ship before it departed on the morning tide. Sailing started out uneventfully until the second day when they were set upon by a harpy. Several party members became entranced by the siren’s singing and could do nothing but stare at the creature. Those who managed to resist the siren’s call eventually managed to drive the beast off. Just as she went to depart she grabbed the gnomish sorcerer as a snack. A last round of blows managed to make her drop the gnome and fly off. The next few days were quiet until the party noticed that the ship was surrounded by water mephits. The lead mephit flew onto the ship and demanded a “troll” of 5,000 gp for passing through their waters. Realizing the mephit was not too smart they managed to convince it that 10 gp was the 5,000 demanded and the creature and its companions swam off. Will the Harpy or mephits return? Mephits are usually in the employ of more powerful creatures. Will the master of these mephits take action when it learns what little gold the mephits collected? If so what will it do? What will the party find when they arrive at the Montari Wasteland? Will they be able to handle the desert’s dangers and secrets.



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