Frontiers of Red Oak

Enter the Manor

After defeating the zombies of the workmen, Validar and the sorcerer decide to investigate the manorhouse. Initially startled by the large stuffed Manticore in the foyer, they eventually got up their courage to reenter the house. Carefully exploring the house they found a secret basement room. In the attic they found a lone man claiming that he was the rightful owner of the house. They decided to investigate the basement more throughly. They discovered an additional secret entrance to the basement room through an illusionary wall. They investigated a passage leading deeper under the manor but decided to stop for fear they may encounter something more than they could handle. Upon returning to the basement they were met by the man from the attic. The sorcerer cast Magic missile at the man and he fires back. Together with Validar they quickly incapitated him. While taking their prisoner back to Solanport they were attacked in the night by compatriots of their prisoner. Luckily, they were not match for the party. The prisoners were taken back to Solanport where they were interrogated by the authorities. It became apparent that the prisoner was lying about being the rightful owner of the house and that the other prisoners clearly knew who animated the zombies but they weren’t talking. What is up at the manor? Does it have any connection to actions of Rexlor and his mysterious master? Or is this a separate incident?



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