Frontiers of Red Oak

Into the Basement.

Arriving at the mansion, Validar suggested they treat the mansion as if they had never previously entered the building. The workmen wagons had been unloaded. A quick search of the mansion turned up nothing other than a couple boards placed across a hole in the first floor hallway. On the second floor nothing was found out of place. Recalling that someone was previously found in the attic the party proceed to investigate. The trapdoor to the attic was found to be barred. Attempts to open the door failed so Milliken decided to punch a hole in the trapdoor. After opening the trapdoor, Validar proceed up the stairs and engaged a new tenant in combat. Between them they dispatched the rogue. Search of the attic turned up mostly moth eaten clothing and evidence that the attic dweller has been watching out both sides of the attic. And a set of secret passages leading through out the house. With the house secure the party descended into the sub-basement. After descent far into the ground, the party risked another sunrod. The stairs opened into a store room that contained some of the supplies from the workmen’s wagons and some trade goods like bolts of woolen cloth. Validar tried to sneak to the only other entrance to the room. Unfortunately he slipped on the floor. As he stood up he heard two voices argue about whether they had heard something. One of the voices decided investigate. The party managed to quickly dispatch these guards. Beyond the guard post was a barracks and a mess hall. On the other side of the mess hall the party found a shrine and a cleric performing a ritual on a corpse. The gnome quickly incapaciated the guards with a well positioned color spray. The cleric ordered his wight to attack the party. Milliken was quickly rendered unconscious but another well placed color spray left only the wight up and active. Validar and the gnome tried to destroy the wight but could not seem to land a solid blow. Eventually the guards regain consciousness so the gnome tried to repeat his earlier success. Only this time he was only half as successful. The cleric also revived and with the wight managed to kill Validar. The sorcerer fought valiantly and managed to drop the cleric, guard and wight to save the day. Will the gnome manage to get himself and Milliken out before anyone else finds them or are they in grave danger. What is going on at this house?



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