Frontiers of Red Oak

Return to Solanport

After defeating the ruffians in the basement of the manorhouse our fearless heroes take the young girl and the 4 dwarves back to town. Once back in Solanport they try to set up the dwarves and girl with new lives. Octavian arranges an interview to assist the Church of Gertierron’s weapons and armorsmiths. The gnome found that a group of dwarves have recently moved to Solanport. While the dwarves were deciding what to do, the party noticed a group of Eringalli watching the dwarves. The gnome went and got Octavian from the temple. A passing group of guards were also enlisted. Milliken tried to overhear the Eringalli conversation but was unable to understand their language. Believing they might be slavers, the cleric and dwarves made a big show of leaving the Inn. The Eringalli took the bait and tried to acquire the dwarves. The Eringalli slavers were no match for the party and the town guards. Quickly taken down but unfortunately had to surrender the Eringalli survivor and corpses. Attempts to search the corpses and interogate the survivor were difficult. Through some conniving they manage to search the corpses and acquire a magic ring. Unfortunately this led to a debate in the party as to what do with the ring. Is it evidence? Is it loot? Should it be returned to the city authorities or kept as treasure? Octavian and Milliken were too lawful to not support the return of the ring to authorities.

But other questions remain. Are the Eringalli related to the brigands under the manor or were they just taking advantage of an obvious group of dwarf slaves?



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