Frontiers of Red Oak

Return to the depths of the Earth

After barely defeating the ruffians and wight in the shrine to Argoth. The party dragged Validar’s body out of the complex under the manor house. Outside they found Octavian and Twig along with a new friend just arriving at the manor. Milliken and the sorcerer related all that had happened in the complex beneath the manor. Upon learning that undead were found Octavian pushed for an immediate return. The new cleric healed up the sorcerer but Milliken was still feeling drained from the wight so elected to stay outside and hold the horses. The gnome led the party down into the subbasement where they found one of the ruffians in the barracks was regaining consciousness. Octavian went into the kitchen looking for some water to splash on him and encountered a kobold slave who was putting a tea kettle back on the fire. A quick fight ended with the kobold dead and a kettle of water on the floor. Careful interrogation they were able to gather some information. Mainly that the cleric Treygar was their leader and that several ships visit them on an irregular basis with a variety of goods including dwarvish slaves. A search of the cleric and his henchmen revealed very little. A further search of the rooms found the cleric quarters where Twig found and took a leather bound ledger listing the manifests of several ships. In another room they found a young half-elven girl chained to a large 4 poster bed. She showed signs of having been abused and beaten. The cleric and Twig healed her a little. She was very relucant to be healed or leave. She kept insisting that Malgar would hurt her if he found her healed or them helping them. The party decided to release her and the gnome and cleric took her upstairs to stay with Milliken while the rest of the party went looking for Malgar and any other ruffians. When they returned the party continued their search. They found a large cavern with access to the sea. The pool was very deep and had a dock. Several caves were seen off of this main cavern. One of which had some movement in it. Upon investigation they found a very tall and brawny Malgar with some men rearranging some large boxes of contraband. A fight ensued. The ruffians were put down and Malgar defeated. A through search of the complex turned up 4 dwarf slaves and little else until the cleric recalled that the antechamber between Malgar and Treygar’s room had an unlit torch in it. Turned out there was a secret chamber with the brigands more valuable contraband in it. Who are these ruffians? What are they up to? Are they associated with the earlier troubles the party investigated or is this something new. What will they do with the girl? Is she as innocent as she appears or is she more than she appears?



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