Frontiers of Red Oak

Return to the Manse on the Cliff

After having turned over the hooligans who had attacked them on the road, the party decided to return to the mansion nd investigate the basement. On the road they encountered a small gypsy caravan. The party bought some wine from the gypsies and considered trading a spellbook they found for some potions but decided against it. That evening they made camp along the road. Just before dawn, Validar heard something approaching the camp. After being awoken, Milliken decided ignite a sun rod and see what was coming. By the light of the sunrod they saw two large blue lion-like creatures with tentacles for manes and tails. The fight was quick and vicious. Milliken took a nasty bite. While tending to his wound Milliken noticed that there were little worm-like creatures in the bite. Panicking he washed it in the ocean and noticed that the worms reacted as if the salt water was a caustic acid. The party decided to bath the creatures bodies in water and watched them dissolve away. Validar had an interesting question: What were creatures hurt by water doing so close to the ocean. Where did these creatures come from? Are they just a random encounter or are they part of the recent events?



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